How to Get Metallic Business Cards Without a Metallic Finish

At some point in our professional lives, most people become acquainted with metallic business cards. Whether it be for personal or professional reasons, these cards can instantly boost your identity and reputation within an organization.

Yet, not all designs are created equal; some are more suitable than others for inviting clients and forging connections with colleagues. Today we’ll explore how to create a stunningly elegant look that is worthy of being called ‘elegant’, while still maintaining functionality – all without resorting to using actual metals!

The secret lies in utilizing digital printing techniques that allow you to create stunning 3D effects on paper-based surfaces. Utilizing this innovative process, you can achieve business cards that exude sophistication and classiness while also offering durability – all while avoiding any hint of tarnish!

1. Choose a Metallic Paper

If you need a metallic business card that is equally casual yet sophisticated, consider adopting a subtle hue. You can find papers ranging from rich golds to deep reds – all with high gloss levels so that your design will remain clear even if placed in an environment where light may be diffused.

Don’t fret about choosing the wrong color for your portfolio; simply select one of our metallic papers and enjoy its alluring sheen!

2. Get a Metallic Business Card Design

A standout business card design is a fantastic way to elevate your professional image and increase interest in your products or services.

Don’t let the cost of having a custom-designed metallic business card dissuade you from investing in one! Rather, consider the investment worthwhile when it enables you greater prominence within the niche market.

Investing in a stunning metallic printing on your business cards doesn’t have to come at an exorbitant price tag; rather, explore our range of affordable options which are sure to impress.

3. Print Your Cards on Metallic Inkjet Paper

If you happen to have metallic inkjet paper in your printer, you can easily print on it with no additional prep necessary.

The reason this option is so attractive is that businesses who lack the resources to produce an actual metallic card will still be able to utilize their assets – just by using a blank piece of paper! By printing on standard-sized paper, it will perfectly match most traditional business cards sizes and layouts.

4. Use a Metallic Envelope and Sleeve

If you’re seeking to spice up your message on business cards, consider donning metallic envelopes and sleeves. The choice is yours! All you need to do is complement the color of the paper with that of your card design – this strategy can yield some striking results for any project.

To create a striking impression with your envelope, simply pair it with an eye-catching color scheme; if you’d rather keep things simple then opt for a default complimentary hue like red or pink. When it comes time to choose a font style, why not favor something fun such as playful script? If you’re considering using comic sans then no one will be able to deny its excellence when dealing with these impressive letters!

5. Add Subtle Metals to Your Outgoing Business Mailing

For all the attention you intend to give to your business cards, feel free to experiment with adding a touch of subtlety to them. This can include having metallic ink applied in different hues or using foil stamping techniques to add subtle colors along edges and corners.

If you happen to be targeting a more refined audience, consider incorporating pewter, silver and gunmetal into your outgoing mailings as an elegant way of showcasing your brand’s sophistication!

Want More Tips & Tricks?

It’s time to explore additional applications for your metallic business cards. Here are a few different ways that you can utilize this fashion trend for maximum effect:

Add a chalkboard design or other textured finish to your card in lieu of the standard metallic color. If you need to spice things up, why not try adding some contrasting patterns and hues?

Utilize semi-transparent metallic finishes on certain areas of your card. This technique will create an optical illusion of depth, giving it an intriguingly alluring appeal!


Don’t be intimidated by the prospect of investing in a metallic business card. It’s an attractive option if you can afford it, but don’t let that stop you!

Regardless of whether your business operates in a digital age or requires an air of sophistication, our metallic business cards are sure to give it an edge.