How to Find Information About San Francisco’s Business Times

The San Francisco Business Times is a premier local resource and compendium of the city’s business news, features and events.

San Francisco Business Times provides an array of information about your prospective venture in San Francisco such as marketing strategies, finance pointers and sales tips.

What Is the San Francisco Business Times?

The Business Times is a free daily electronic publication for local businesses in San Francisco. You can access this publication online by visiting their website, which contains the most up-to-date information about activities and events taking place throughout the region.

If you are looking for some of the most recent news on your favorite San Francisco businesses and clubs, then check out the Business Times.

Where to Find San Francisco’s Business Times

For the most part, it is straightforward to locate San Francisco’s business times. After all, the newspaper is one of two publications that exclusively report on local activity – alongside the ‘Bay Area Reporter’.

On weekdays, you can find your San Francisco’s business times amongst the listings in the Chronological Business section; while on Saturdays they are featured within the Business Weekly Edition (previously known as the Business Event Calendar).

Safari vs. Chrome vs. Firefox for Finding Business Times

Safari and Chrome are my go-to browsers when I need to access local business news, so I’ve become somewhat proficient at using them. However, if you prefer Firefox – which offers better privacy protection than either of the aforementioned options – then don’t despair.

Chrome offers a wealth of customization options that permit users to personalize their experience. This can range from altering fonts, colors and more for maximum ease-of-use; however, it is a rather intensive process requiring users to first open Chrome’s settings menu followed by clicking on customize.

Online Versus Print for Finding Business Times

Online, or digital-only formats, are on the rise and offer access to San Francisco’s classifieds for free.

The most recent version of the Business Times is available online here.

If you don’t have internet access, don’t fret! You can still access this directory appended with your favorite browser and even download it as a handy mobile app.

How Do I Know If a Business Is Closed on Monday?

In the event that a business is closed on Monday, then it will be accessible via their website or other channels. When you go in search of such establishments, simply click the link and get started with your research!

If a business is open on Monday but its hours are not specified; for example – it could be open from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. This does not necessarily indicate anything about how they operate when they’re closed during the week.

What About Public Holidays?

Like many major metropolitan cities, San Francisco is home to a number of public holidays. Keep in mind that these celebrations are generally observed by businesses open for business; however, it can be a tad tricky determining which days will be closed.

Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day all fall on a Saturday in 2018. As such, most establishments will remain open as usual during this period; however banks could close their doors early on these days if they’re finalizing any transactions prior to the holiday season. That being said – don’t let this deter you from conducting your banking needs while at the same time enjoying an abundant amount of delicious food with family!

Evenings are typically quieter than weekends, so take advantage of this opportunity to get some rest after a long day at work or school.

Closing Thoughts

San Francisco’s business times are an essential resource for anyone seeking information on San Francisco businesses – both big and small.

Investigate the most recent openings, closings and relocations in SF; gain a comprehensive understanding of San Francisco’s commercial real estate market; and locate an abundance of current job listings within your area. Don’t forget to check out our blog for more insightful articles pertaining to this field!


The Business Times app is a resource that can help you keep abreast of any notable news about your local business community.