Ultimate Video Example that Will Hook Your Audience in the Attract Stage

Have you ever pondered which of the following is an example of a video in the attract stage?

Hone your observation skills and let us guide you through an insightful investigation. The more astutely you observe, the easier it will be to zero in on when to use videos for marketing purposes.

Let’s start at the beginning! Try not to become overwhelmed by this process – we’ll provide links for any information that may be pertinent along the way.

1. A Clear Call to Action

Despite our best efforts at tantalizing your audience, if they do not comprehend what action should be taken upon completion of the video – then it’s likely that they will sit idle.

To provide clarity on the matter, we’ve selected one of our YouTube videos as an example of how an expert provides a straightforward call to action in their video description.

The video, uploaded by Scalingup, is a concise tutorial on scaling up your business. In this particular upload, filmmaker David Guinn asserts that any entrepreneur or startup must consider implementing growth plans for their enterprise – clearly indicating what needs to be done next!

2. It’s Not Just a Long Video

At times, videos appear to be just long captivating content. However, we’re not referring to the length of this type of video here. Rather, it is the quality that distinguishes it from other types!

By employing engaging tactics like animation and compelling characters alongside our captivating ‘how-to’ pieces and tutorials, you can create a captivating video experience for your users.

3. There’s High Quality Content

Video content is an excellent option for all video marketing campaigns, and it’s especially handy when creating content that intends to attract new leads and build initial trust. Just remember to keep it fresh – invest in high-quality videos from reliable sources!

Another key aspect of a successful video marketing strategy is consistency. That means devoting time and energy into creating and releasing a steady stream of engaging content. This type of consistency is paramount in establishing trust with potential customers and brand ambassadors.

4. You Have an Expert to Back Up Your Claims

A savvy video can be your ace in the hole, providing you with a powerful way to connect with consumers and persuade them that your product is the ideal solution for them.

For instance, if you are launching a trendy new app that helps users organize their digital life, producing a video could prove invaluable to your marketing strategy. Utilizing a video to explain how such an app works could help attract new leads – who may then be enticed into giving your project a try!

Alternatively, if you are selling a smartphone case that doubles as an alarm clock, creating a video demonstrating how it functions could provide valuable insights into audience expectations while also opening doors for future sales conversations.

5. You Have a Compelling Story to Tell

If you’re able to craft an engaging story, it could help prospective clients assess your firm more favorably. This can be a valuable tool in establishing rapport with potential patrons who may feel compelled to trust you due to the narrative of your video alone.

In today’s world, consumers are inundated with countless marketing messages and information. In order for them to reflect upon and eventually select your company over its rivals, you must find ways to set yourself apart from the crowd. By crafting an intriguing exposition that inspires confidence and affords trust, one could be significantly aided in making their decision about choosing yours!

Invest time crafting an outstanding video that illustrates your brand’s message. You’ll discover it’s not just a casual undertaking; rather it requires careful attention and diligence!

6. You Have Multiple Video Examples of Success

When you’re a seasoned marketer, you may have amassed quite the portfolio. You could upload one clip after the other, accompanying each video with a captivating title and an enticing thumbnail image.

Unfortunately, this can be a bit time-consuming, so instead of utilizing all your videos in one go – why not create one epic video that spans multiple examples? After all – wouldn’t it make more sense to present a plethora of case studies rather than just one?

The Bottom Line

The purpose of a video in the attract stage is to establish contact with potential customers and foster curiosity about your brand.

With the help of a video, you can demonstrate the vivacity of your enterprise, offer pertinent information related to products or services–and ultimately help them decide whether they’d like to learn more or commit their patronage.


Needless to say, it is imperative that you strike a balance between the primary stages of your video marketing strategy. After all, this will enable you to construct an effective plan that can yield tangible results.

If you would like assistance in crafting a captivating video example for your business, do not hesitate to contact Creative Media Group. We are devoted to making life easier for small businesses; after all – we understand the trials and tribulations involved!